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Mike Doty dedicated his life to serving others. In addition to his career in law enforcement, he had what his family calls a "secret life." He went out of his way to be there for others and continually gave back to people - those he knew and many of whom he didn't. To pay it forward, Mike's goddaughter Leyna is asking for YOUR help. She is challenging others to do a random act of kindness, with a goal of 809 people committing to #DoItForDoty between now and his birthday, Feb. 2.

To participate, simply commit an act of kindness. We would love to hear about your random act. Comment below so we can track the progress. If you have a photo you can email it to AND don't forget to post on social media with hashtag #DoItForDoty and #809RAK.

Leyna kicked off the project by doing something that she loves - helping animals - by delivering pet toys to Richardson Rescue in York. How will you #DoItForDoty?

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